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i need the pass


If you click on the ad above, you should be able to start a 14 day free trial!


Here is a review of UseNeXT:


I tried the free trial of usenext over 2 years ago and while ok wasn't exactly what I was looking for so cancelled before the end of the "free" trial.

A few weeks ago I get an e-mail reminding me I owe them just over £100. Go to usenext and log in to the account I cancelled. Turns out it wasn't cancelled with no way to prove that I in fact cancelled during the free trial. They wait 2 YEARS before sending me a payment demand, no other communication during that time at all. I respond explaining my side of things and asking them to clarify a few points, next e-mail I receive is from a debt collection agency.

A nice big bill for something I've never used. Save yourself grief and stay the hell away from these cowboys. If you want newsgroup access sign up for giganews.

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